Problem behaviour ~ aggression towards baby ...

We are really pleased with her behaviour and I'm so relieved that we decided to give it another go, she would not have been living here otherwise. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support, your advice has completely turned around our dog and our family. We are much happier as a whole and I'm no longer stressed by it all. She is walking better on the lead too!

N. King & Winnie, Scottish terrier

Problem behaviour ~ hyper-arousal, impulsive aggression ...

"We owe Lizi so much for the time and support she has given us. We had really come to the end of the road with our black labrador Holly after seeing many so-called experts whose advice didn't help at all. Then I contacted Lizi. And boy are we glad we did! After the first initial phonecall of 2 hours we haven't looked back. She really has made our family so happy. Going through hard times with your dog can be truly heartbreaking but with Lizi there to guide us we have come out of it all so strong. And most importantly we have a very happy, healthy contented dog. Lizi cares and continues to keep contact with us to continually guide us through situations. We can't thank her enough. One of life's very special people."

P. Rouncefield & Holly, Labrador retriever

Problem behaviour ~ fear and reactivity (lunging, spinning) towards other dogs when on the lead ...

"Dog walking is now much more the pleasure it should be ... we are delighted with all the help you have given us."

A. Atkins & Mace, Rottweiler cross-breed

Problem behaviour ~ unruly puppy-ness!

"Just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you've given me and Marjorie over the past 7 weeks. As you know, when Marjorie first arrived into our family she was exceptionally cute but a right little terror - with your training and guidance, we now have a gorgeous, chilled out puppy who is a pleasure to be around. You have an incredible ability with dogs - I'm so pleased we had the good fortune of finding you as our trainer."

D. Hay & Marjorie, Welsh terrier


Problem behaviour ~ separation anxiety and house-soiling ...

"We contacted Lizi as we had separation anxiety and soiling issues with our 2 year old dog, she was really understanding and comprehensive in creating a picture of our dog's life & behaviour and the advice she subsequently gave us was extremely helpful and resolved the issues we had previously had almost immediately. We were so grateful for her help and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lizi."

D. Lever & Bindi, terrier cross-breed


Problem behaviour ~ years of persistently 'humping' other dogs ...

"Frazer hasn't humped or shown the inclination to do so since we started incorporating your techniques - early days I know, but what a relief."

B. Hague & Frazer, Labrador retriever


Problem behaviour ~ fear of traveling in the car ...

"Thought I would just let you know that thanks to your great advice about Dylan traveling in the car I think I can safely say at long last we have finally cracked it. I think the last time I e-mailed you about this he was getting a bit better. Now he just jumps in himself and yesterday we were in and out of the car about 4 times and each time I just opened the door and in he went.

Many times I felt like giving up as it did take a lot of patience on my part and patience is not a thing I do well but I guess when you love your dog so much it is a small price to pay. Again I really appreciated your wise advice and I kept following it and now we have a result ... so THANKYOU from Dyl and myself from the bottom of my heart."

A. Hobson & Dylan, Labrador retriever


Problem behaviour ~ aggressive behaviour towards other dogs ...

"Bonnie is doing absolutely fine and is a much improved specimen to when you first saw her. Although she still gives a little growl when she sees other dogs, that's about all it is, not the all out assault it used to be. As you said it will take time, but we are very pleased with the results so far, and would recommend you to everybody. Your service is friendly and excellent, and taking everything into account, very good value."

D. Webber & Bonnie, Border terrier


Problem behaviour ~ chronic stress, noise phobia, and generalised fear of being outside ...

(10 weeks after 1st consultation ... ) "Here is an update on Max. He is doing very, very well with his anxiety. This past week, he has been actually playing ball in the back garden with me for about 20 min. at a time. When he hears a noise, he does run back inside, but then comes right back out again. In the past, he would have never come back out. He loves the foraging activity and will stay out in the garden without me now after I throw the treats and come back inside. So, I am very, very pleased with his progress."

(7 months on ... ) "I realized after you left that I never told you how much I appreciate all you have done to help Max. Without your ideas and guidance, he would not be where he is today, and I am really grateful for all of your help with him."

(8 months on ... ) "We have noticed major improvement in his comfort level while outside. On several occasions, we have had him across the street almost up to the green and he has been very comfortable - busy sniffing the grass and not worrying about his surroundings or acting afraid of any noises he heard while out there. It has been wonderful to see him walking alongside of Oliver, sniffing the grass, chasing butterflies, and not worrying about being outside! Thanks very much for helping us to get him so comfortable outside."

S. Roberts & Max, Labrador x Greyhound


Problem behaviour ~ acute acral lick dermatitis (ALD) ...

(3 weeks after 1st consultation ... ) "Dare I say it - so far so good!!! We have been very good with our running and that has really been the only thing we have had to use. We still have the (Elizabethan) collar on at night - the hair is almost all grown back and we are away for a few days soon so thought when we get back that would be the time to remove it. He has much improved in the cleaning - in the evenings he is better and if we say Murphy when he is doing it he stops immediately which he didn't use to. I am really pleased - when we take the collar off at night I will give you a call."

(another 3 weeks on ... ) "We have actually managed to take the collar off at night ... he is absolutely fine touch wood! I will let you know if we have any other problems. Thanks and fingers crossed!"

H. Tinn & Murphy, German Short-haired Pointer


Problem behaviour ~ separation distress ...

"Thanks again for your generosity. There have been times over the last couple months when I have really doubted whether or not we could give him what he needs within our busy family home and given thought to rehoming him which with all his plus points would be a shame ... I think time is helping him anyway but your advice has also made me feel that there are some more things we can do to speed up his settling in."

M. Leech & Dexter, Labrador retriever


Problem behaviour ~ fearful/tense when being stroked, aggressive towards people when they walk away and when visitors leave the house, distance recall ...

"I just wanted to thank you for your informative visit yesterday evening. Apologies we kept you so late with all our questions! I read your information about the rigid watch dog v flexible watch dog and understood so much more your theory. The away training demo that you did and your clear explanation of the challenges that we asked about our indoctrination re: packleader/domination theory really helped us to understand the need to assist with Toby's thought processes/stress rather than just eradicating the behaviour. We did more away training this morning with Toby when we got our supermarket delivery which went very well, no barking at all and no rushing at the door ... I have a good feeling about it and will keep you posted. I do feel I understand him more and will be more aware of situations which can cause him stress/fear. Many thanks again and I look forward to receiving your plan when it arrives. Kind regards and big licks from Toby who enjoyed being the centre of attention all evening!"

(1 month on ... ) "Toby is progressing well I think. The away training is coming along and he seems to have the hang of not rushing at the door now and remains away unless I call him. Whistle training is going well - he responds well to this, just the odd time he has hesitated before coming but the rabbit whistle is a good back up! I will keep this up as I think it has really helped on the recall. Toby also had his end of course exam in the obedience/agility class we attended. I am pleased to say he now has his bronze and silver awards and he came 5th out of 12 in the agility ... I was very proud as he actually got a rosette!"

(6 weeks on ... ) "Toby is progressing well and we had a weekend where we had lots of visitors last weekend, and using the kongs he was much more settled and had no problem with people stroking him, in fact he was much more relaxed. On Thursday night he woke us up in night barking like mad to go outside and we think he may have disturbed a prowler either at the back of our house of next door.....so he was a hero for a day!"

S. Birch & Toby, Jack Russell terrier


Problem behaviour ~ hysterical barking, screaming, spinning and re-directed aggression towards owner when approached by other dogs, pushchairs, scooters, etc ...

(3 days after 1st consultation ... ) "Meg is doing very well. We have already noticed an improvement in her general mood - which is excellent. She is not showing any signs of anxiety anymore - I forgot to mention that she would sometimes sit at my feet and her whole body would shake, this seems to have stopped. She is also becoming waggy tailed and more focused on me with the 'watch me' on her 5 minute walks around the cul-de-sac."

(1 month on ... ) "Meg has been very good - I am feeling much more confident when we are out walking - I think it helps that she seems to be getting better everyday with the 'watch me' and I have more of her attention."

(2 months on ... ) "Meg is doing very well, much happier in herself and it is getting easier to attract her attention with other things going on around her (lawn mowers, people walking past). She is also able to calm down very quickly now after she has had a spinning episode which is really good."

(3 months on, organised dog distraction training session ... ) "I am so pleased with Meg, she was so good!"

H. Mumford & Meg, Border terrier


Problem behaviour ~ running off on walks and leaping up, darting sideways and rushing ahead when on the lead ...

“Maisie doesn't run off at all now when we go out, even if it's somewhere new and she's excited. In fact sometimes I have to encourage her to go away from me a bit as she walks so close to me, bless her. Lead walking is also better, not perfect but she's a lot calmer and she's learning that four feet on the floor gets her harness put on, not jumping around. All in all, she just seems to be fully settling in with us. Thanks again Lizi, the session with you worked wonders for my confidence with Maisie, as well as her own and I think that was the key .”

F. Taylor & Maisie, Labrador retriever


Problem behaviour ~ barking and pulling towards other dogs when on the lead ...

"Just a quick note to let you know that training is going well. Phoebe is walking much better on the lead and now only pulls when we set off in the morning. We have been sticking to the fields and have not met any strange dogs yet, but she is still seeing her dog friends. I'm really enjoying Sam & Phoebe again now and we are playing lots of games and having fun with recalls etc."

L. Male & Phoebe, Labrador x Border collie


Problem behaviour ~ separation distress ...

“I thank you so much for the good and practical advice you gave me regarding Bertie’s separation barking, I have followed your suggestions and Bertie has returned to being the fabulous pet he was. Thank you very much!”

R. Welch & Bertie, Shih Tzu


Problem behaviour ~ aggressive towards other dogs when on the lead ...

“Jack is doing well, we do try to do the obedience walks as much as we can, time permitting. He does now respond to Stop on the lead and comes back for treats. He did really well the other night as we passed the White Horse, and one of the dogs was outside. We stood and chatted to the owner, and Jack and the dog just sniffed and wagged nicely.”

S. Anderson & Jack, Border collie


Problem behaviour ~ barking and lunging at other dogs and people when on the lead ...

“Sam is doing very well. People are saying how much he has calmed down. Thankyou for your help, I will call again if I need to.”

T. Jackman & Sam, Cocker spaniel


Problem behaviour ~ excessive jumping up, hard mouthing, humping people, escape behaviour, pulling on the lead, poor recall and sound sensitivity ...

“In all honesty when I look at all the things we've tried the ONLY ones that have worked are the stuff we did with you.”

P. Beswick & Louis, Hungarian Vizla


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